Instructional Videos
Updated: October 30, 2014
Introduction to ImmPort data loading, part 1 confirming access to your ImmPort project
Introduction to ImmPort data loading, part 2 basic study design and protocols templatesn>
Introduction to ImmPort data loading, part 3 creating your zip package
Introduction to ImmPort data loading, part 4 installing the ImmPort validator on windows
Introduction to ImmPort data loading, part 5 validating your data submission package
ImmPort Fliers
Updated: October 30, 2014
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BISC De-identification Process

To download a copy of the BISC De-identification Process, click here.

Request Genotyping data

To download a Powerpoint describing the Genotyping Data Request Process, click here. To download the Genotyping Data Request form, click here.

Software Release Notes

View software release notes for the current version of ImmPort and past releases. View

Data Release Notes

View data release notes for current and past releases. View

Requirements and Design

Requirements and Design Review Meeting Summary. NIAID/DAIT and the BISC Team convened a requirements and design review meeting with members of the Population Genetics projects on May 10, 2005. Meeting participants discussed the progress of ImmPort's development and considerations for short- and long-term development. Download

The System and Software Requirements Description v.1.4 defines the original system and software requirements for the ImmPort system v.1.0. Download

The System Architecture and Software Design Specification (SASDS) v.4.0 defines the overall architecture and software design for the ImmPort system as of November 2011. The SASDS addresses hardware, software, and database design. Download

Our database load scripts allow users to create their own local copy of an empty ImmPort database. The scripts create the core ImmPort tables and constraints and populate lookup tables with the appropriate terms. The package of scripts and data are available for download here: Download

Scientific Guidelines
HLA Documentation and Analysis Methods Manuals

HLA Quality Control Pipeline Specifications

Haplotype Estimation and Linkage Disequilibrium Methods Manual

HLA Disease Associations Methods Manual Version 0.1.0 (July 25, 2011)

Proposal for HLA Data Validation

Hardy-Weinberg Proportions Methods Manual: Testing fit of genotype frequencies to Hardy-Weinberg proportions

Genotype SNP Imputation Methods Manual

T1DGC Immunochip HLA Reference Panel for Imputation with SNP2HLA

Data Submission Documents and Guidelines
Data Submission Tutorials

Data Submission Templates

Minimum Information Guidelines

Minimum Clinical Information For Data Archives

ImmPort User Guides
Homepage Help User Registration
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Reference Data 
Reference Data Reference Data Advanced Search
Advanced Search Gene Query
Gene Detailed Report Gene Query Results
ImmPort Genes Immport Genes Detailed Report
Pathway Detailed Report Pathway Query
Pathway Query Results Protein Network Query.pdf
Protein Network Detailed Report Protein Query
Protein Detailed Report Protein Query Results
SNP Detailed Report SNP Query
MHC Alignment Query MHC Alignment Results
MHC Allele Detailed Report MHC Allele Query
MHC Allele Query Results MHC Sequence Feature Report
MHC Allele Search Gene List Help Topics
Research Data 
Biological Samples Detail Report BioSample Summary
Experiment Samples Detail Summary ExperimentSample Summary
Experiments Detail Report Experiment Summary
Research Data Query Share Research Data
Study Detail Study Summary
Subject Summary Subject-Organism Detail
Protocols Detail Protocol Summary
Reagents Detail Reagent Summary
Uploaded Files Summary Downloading Files
Data Management  
Data Management 
Create an ImmPort Lists Data Package Validator
ImmPort Data Submission Process  
Analysis Tools 
FCM CrossSample Comparison RAS
Multiple Flow Cytometry File Upload FCS Extract
ImmPort Flow Cytometry: Data Management FLOCK Analysis User Guide
FLOCK Tutorial FlowJo Conversion
Genetic Analysis ImmPort FCS Conversion
Flow Cytometry Analysis Tool FAQ Marker Selection Flow Cytometry Analysis Pipeline
JMOL Help Increasing JRE Memory Size
List of file names from a PC Result File Summary
Multiple File Upload tutorial Sequence Feature Variant Type
Ped Error Description Ped File Generation Help
Selecting Rows Hints Select Haploview Parameters
SFVT Analysis User Guide SFVT Analysis User Guide
Disease Ontology Gene Ontology
Ontology Browser Taxonomy Ontology
WebEx Archive
November, 2009ImmPort FLOCK Demo
September 25, 2008 SNP Genotype Results Harmonization
August 28, 2008 Advanced Search and Lists
July 29, 2008 ImmPort Data Submission Discussion
June 27, 2008Genetic Data Release
May 30, 2008DAIT Minimum Information Standards

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