ImmPort Gene Lists offer currated reports of Immunologically important genes, including:
  • Pathway Analysis
  • Listings of Protein-Protein Interactions
  • Gene Ontology Associations
  • Links to Detailed Gene and Protein Information in the ImmPort Gene Detail Page
ImmPort Gene Lists are categorized by:
  • Type (e.g. Interleukins) and/or Pathway (e.g. TCR Signaling Pathway)
  • Differential Expression in Immune Processes
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Immune-Related Genes by Type and/or Pathway
  • Compiled by systematic searches of Entrez Gene, UniProt, KEGG and various literature sources
  • Manually reviewed, edited and categorized (last update May 2009)
Differentially Expressed Genes in Immune Processes
  • Derived by analysis of selected Immunologically relevant microarray gene expression datasets from the NCBI Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO) repository.
  • Analyzed using the ImmPort Optimized Data Analysis Pipeline, including background correction, normalization, summarization and significant gene selection, as well as ontology analysis of significant genes.
  • Last updated May 2009
Cytokines B Cell Stimulation
     Interleukins      CD40L vs. Control
     Interferons      Anti-IgM vs. Control
     TNF Family Members      CD40L and Anti-IgM vs. Control
     TGF-β Family Members
     Chemokines B Cell Development
Cytokine Receptors      Memory vs. Naive
     Interleukin Receptor      Centroblast vs. Naive
     Interferon Receptors      Centrocyte vs. Naive
     TNF Family Member Receptors      Centrocyte vs. Memory
     TGF-β Family Member Receptors  
     Chemokine Receptors  
TCR Signaling Pathway  
BCR Signaling Pathway  
Natural Killer Cell Cytotoxicity  
Antigen Processing and Presentation  

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